Intruder Alarms Bromley | Burglar Alarms Bromley

Intruder Alarms Bromley

Are you looking to keep your property safe from intruders? Our intruder alarm service is ideal for buildings, both residential and commercial, for your complete peace of mind.

Our engineers will install your burglar alarm promptly, professionally, and efficiently, so you can get back to managing your home or business as soon as possible!

Our intruder alarm service for your Bromley-based property provides vital protection for your building, ensuring you’re alerted of any issues promptly.

A Top of the Range Burglar Alarm System

Worrying about a potential break-in or burglary should be one of the last things on a home or business owner’s mind. At Aegis Security Solutions, we make sure this is the case with our top-of-the-range burglar alarms in Bromley.

We pride ourselves on installing intruder alarms that meet the highest standards and are the quality you’d expect from a trusted and reliable business.

Why Choose our Engineers?

At Aegis, we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best service for our customers, however big or small the job. We ensure that all work is carried out by thoroughly trained and qualified engineers who are experts in their field:

  • An eye for detail: we’ll make sure no detail is missed when installing your security solutions.
  • Exceptional customer service: we’re a family-run business, so we recognise the importance of building great customer relationships.
  • Simple and effective solutions: all of our security solutions are of outstanding quality, so you can be sure you’re getting the very best.
  • Expert engineers: we’re a CHAS accredited contractor and an SSAIB certificated company.
  • A tailored solution: all of our solutions are tailored to your property, so you can be confident they will fully protect your residential or commercial building.

Our dedicated engineers are experts in their field, and they are committed to providing a service that is professional, efficient, and high-quality.

Effective Residential and Commercial Security Systems

Did you know your home is five times more likely to be broken into if you don’t have a security system? The average burglary costs just under £3000 in insurance costs, not to mention the psychological damage it can inflict on a household.
In terms of your business, securing your stock, your intellectual property, and even your employees’ safety is critical company requirements that you simply can’t afford to scrimp on.
At Aegis, we have experience installing effective security systems, fully tailored to your residential or commercial building, that allows the user complete control from their smartphones.

Intruder Alarm Systems for a Range of Properties

At Aegis, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide an intruder alarm system for any property. Whether commercial or residential, we guarantee a solution that is tailored to your needs.

If you need a reliable burglar alarm system in Bromley, contact us today and see how the engineers at Aegis Security Solutions can help protect your building.

Wireless Security at your fingertips!