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Some of the common things we are asked

We understand that the security industry uses a lot of jargon and it can all get a bit confusing.

To help out – We’ve put together these handy FAQ’s to help answer some of the common questions we are asked.

What is a PIR?

A PIR is a passive infrared sensor, sometimes known as a motion sensor which detects objects that emit heat such as people and animals.

They form a crucial part of the intruder alarm.

What is a door contact?

A door contact comes in two forms: wired and wireless.

They are usually placed on vulnerable windows or doors as part of an intruder alarm. If the door or window is opened when the alarm is set, it will cause an activation or start a timer.

I have a pet, does this mean I can’t have an intruder alarm?

This is something many people fear, and we’re happy to say pets aren’t a problem.

Intruder alarms can be designed to be ‘Pet Friendly’ – meaning you can have a fully protected property even if you have a pet. Modern alarm sensors come in pet friendly form, so your property can be secured even when your pets are at home.

Are wireless alarms as good as wired?

This is something we regularly come across. Wireless alarms are a staple of the security industry now and perform just as well as wired alarms.

Most new installations in residential properties are wireless due to the adaptability and ease of install – We can be in and out leaving you with a brand new intruder alarm and a fully protected property in as little as one day!




What if I have a problem with my system?

No matter what time it is, day or night – Aegis provide a 24/7 support service for its customers.

You can ring us on 0800 689 1017 and someone will always be available to help. We offer free telephone support to all maintained customers with preferential call out service so that you’re always covered.

What happens if there’s a power cut?

All intruder alarms are fitted with a back up battery of various sizes depending on the make and model of your alarm. In the event of a power cut, the alarm will automatically switch over to back up power until the mains power is restored.

We always check all batteries as part of our routine yearly maintenance and will let you know if yours need replacing.

What happens if my alarm goes off when i’m on holiday?

All of our alarms are capable of being remotely set and unset via smartphone App. No matter where you are in the world, as long as your house has working Wi-fi and your phone has cellular data, you will be able to receive alerts if your alarm is activated, with the ability to unset and set your alarm should you need to.

If you alarm is monitored by an ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), the arc will automatically receive signals sent by your intruder alarm and ring the list of key holders that you provide – making sure you are aware.

Can I view my CCTV from my phone?

All of our CCTV systems are capable of being viewed from your smartphone or tablet, however this is dependant on your internet connection and router location. As standard, we will always try to design and install CCTV systems to be remotely viewable.

I recently bought some equipment online, could you install it for me?

Unfortunately, we do not install customer supplied equipment.

We provide product and installation guarantees based on us supplying and installing all equipment correctly and to the manufacturers guidelines.

Any equipment not supplied by ourselves would be exempt from our warranty and cannot be guaranteed.

I cant remember how to work my CCTV system?

No problem!

We have trained engineers ready to help you 24/7. Simply ring us on 0800 689 1017 and we will be able to help walk you through exactly what it is you are a trying to do; or in serious cases, organise for an engineer to attend and help!

All of our maintained customers are entitled to our 24/7 telephone support and preferential call out service.

I’ve just had my house redecorated, will installing a new security system cause damage or ugly cabling?

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality installs and this involves consulting yourselves as the client heavily on what you do and don’t want in your property.

All of our engineers are experienced and work hard to hide cables wherever possible and ensure minimal disruption to your house.

Wireless Security at your fingertips!